Saving your organisation money on air conditioning bills

Ecosense provide solutions to the modular construction industry for use in workers accommodation, housing projects coordinated by the UN, and national government departments.

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    Thank you, you’ve saved us huge costs in electricity this year, now ordering 2 more units

    Sue Holden, Aberystwyth

    Brilliant, at last a product that really does save us money!

    Anon, Berkshire

    Wonderful product, so easy to fit, would recommend to anyone with a holiday rental home

    Steve Shaw, Windsor

    Just wanted to say big thanks to telephone staff for their advice & friendly service, very pleased with my units

    Phil Corby, Manchester

    We purchased eco-sense in 2016 when our Villa rental electric bills were hundreds of euro's, we were being told by our pool cleaner guests were going out for the day and leaving the a/c on. Installed the eco-sense unit and bills were slashed. Just changed the batteries today and set-up again with a new a/c unit as the eco-sense unit outlived the Daiken a/c unit. Bought an apartment in La Manga in 2019 and the first purchase was an eco-sense unit. Just get one don't hesitate, I tell everyone with a rental about eco-sense.

    Paul Murcia, La Manga

    Just seen you on Dragon’s Den, I bought one of your units and think it’s a great product, shame they didn’t invest

    Mark from Huntingdon

    When things seem like they are too good to be true, they usually are. This product is an exception to that rule.

    Recent new legislation here in Spain demands that to legally operate a holiday rental property it has to have Air Conditioning / Heating. However it is sadly a common fact that holidaymakers will often go out for the day and leave the Air Conditioning / Heating on an running at Max with all the windows and doors open. Bad for the environment, Bad for the Air Conditioning / Heating equipment and Bad for the owners electricity bills.

    Then I discovered “Ecosense” – A truly innovative suite of devices using the latest technologies which gives control of Air Conditioning / Heating back to the property owner, and dramatically reduces running costs. And best of all I predict that I will recover my investment within the first year.

    Additionally Steve and the team take customer support to a whole new level, fast response, expert advice and real time video telephone call troubleshooting support.

    I have installed two properties so far and am planning a third. Installation is simple and with the aforementioned support is within the reach of anyone with a modicum of technical savvy.

    I can thoroughly recommend and praise them and feel I have made a sound investment in it.

    Boz Cannon, Malaga

    Fantastic product and awesome support. Bought 3 x 4000+ units, 7 door window sensors and 3 EcoRemote Plus controllers for our place in Tenerife. Pre sales service and advice I received from Steve about which product to buy was second to none - with no 'upselling at all'. They sell hundreds of units into hotels but still gave me all the time on the phone I needed. Then, as promised, at installation time I went out there and Steve was at the other end of my skype call to help the electrician out with a couple of queries, and advice on best location for the units. Thank you again!


    Thanks for advice on new Eco remotes. They are complicated to begin with but they have to be to make them tamperproof.Once I realised that each operation had to be entered and saved individually it was easy. I would recommend to anyone to have this product and remotes. Worth the time taken learn and program them.

    Geoff, Spain

    Dear Sir,
    I contacted you at the beginning of May regarding problems we had installing the three sensors we had purchased for our villa in Greece. You kindly provided me with some technical advice and I am pleased to say that they are now working perfectly. I would like to thank you for your prompt attention as it was the weekend of the bank holiday and it would have left me in difficulties had it dragged on. Thank you again for your help and I will have no hesitation in recommending you to other villa owners.

    Mr Biles, Plymouth

    I just wanted thankyou for such a great product.
    I purchased three of the 4000's with the addition of the remote control units in June this year.
    They were very easy to install and setup, I have received the electricity bill from my property in Spain for August this year amounting to 123 Euros a saving of 134 Euros compared to last years bill of 257 Euros.
    Well worth the investment.

    Paul, Peterborough