Ecosense 4000XL

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  • Controls both when and how the AC is used.
  • Reduces energy costs by up to 80%.
  • Universally compatible with all brands of air conditioning that can be controlled with a handheld remote.
  • Mains powered (110 – 230v 50 – 60 kHz)
  • Multiple setting options.
  • Key coded for secure access.
  • Tamper proof infrared connectivity.
  • Includes 1 x wireless door / window sensor
  • Includes special energy saving AC remote controller.
  • Can support up to eight door / window sensors
  • DIY friendly, easy to install


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The latest addition to the 4000 family is the Ecosense 4000XL, designed specifically for the holiday rental market, a DIY friendly, easy to install system controlling both “when” and “how” the AC is used. This model is mains powered like the Ecosense 4000+ and can be fitted directly adjacent to your A/C unit, therefore no connecting cables will be visible.

Ecosense has been approved by major brands such as Mitsubishi, Daikin, Toshiba etc, and is universally compatible with any A/C that can be operated by a handheld remote.

The Ecosense 4000XL uses 433 RF communication with wireless accessories such as door/window sensors. Where these sensors have been fitted, should a door or window be left open for more than three minutes Ecosense will switch off the A/C. The 4000XL is supplied with one D/W sensor, additional sensors can be added to the system, up to a maximum of eight sensors. The 4000XL also comes supplied with a special remote controller that replaces the original A/C remote. The XL system ensures the A/C is operated in the most economical way possible, reducing energy consumption by a minimum of 30% and in most cases between 50% – 80%. For more information please contact our Customer Support team.

The air conditioning is controlled in accordance with movement being detected after a pre-set time delay. The time delay can be adjusted between 15 -60 minutes. In short, if the timer is set to 30 minutes for example, and no movement is detected after 30 min, then the AC will be switched off (or set back*)
For bedrooms etc., the controller has a built-in light sensor that detects when the room is in darkness. The controller can be set to allow the AC to run for part or all of the night.

With a wireless sensor fitted to the entry/exit doors of a room, using information from both the sensors and the controller, the logic will determine if a room is occupied regardless of movement being detected day or night. Using this method, the AC can be controlled between 5 – 60 minutes after the room has been vacated.

Up to a maximum of eight sensors can be paired to the controller. Also, a sensor can be paired to more than one controller i.e., if there is more than one AC in the same room. The sensors do not require to be in line of site of the controller and will can communicate with the controller up to approximately 20 meters depending on the construction of the room in question. When a sensor is left open for more than three minutes the AC will be terminated.

The controller keypad can only be accessed by entering a security entry code. If required a unique four-digit code can be applied.

Ecosense can be programmed in such a way that when the occupancy rules have been met, it will either switch the AC off or, set it back to a more economic setting such as 26 deg cool mode low fan speed.

Dimensions: 20 × 15 × 6 cm
  • Ecosense 4000XL controller
  • Special EcoRemote Plus
  • 1 x Door/Window sensor
  • Fixing kit
  • Extended IR transmitter cable
  • Power connection cable
  • Signal blocking patch
  • Adhesive patch
  • Eyelid