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  • Programmed with your preferred min and max temperature ranges for control over how your A/C is used.
  • Separate min and max settings for cooling and heating.
  • Unique Placebo Effect Option where the A/C can be made to automatically operate more economically than the displayed temperature.
  • Guaranteed compatible or your money back*
  • Tamper-proof owner settings with access code lock.
  • Easy to read auto LCD backlit display.


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The EcoRemote Plus is the most advanced Power Saving A/C Remote in the world. It is designed to replace any existing A/C remote and features the latest Smart Technology

The EcoRemote Plus gives you unprecedented control over how your A/C is used and therefore what it costs to run, reducing A/C power and maintenance costs and extending A/C life.


How it Works

The EcoRemote Plus has been specifically designed to reduce energy costs by lowering the workload of the A/C compressor.

Many users, using a standard remote, turn on the A/C and scroll down the temperature setting to its lowest possible setting i.e. 16 – 17 degrees C, or, when heating, turn it up to its maximum setting of 30 degrees C. This will result in high electricity running costs, and puts an unnecessary strain on the equipment.

The EcoRemote Plus features programmable min and max temperatures so you can have even more control and actually set the minimum and maximum temperatures that users can access when they operate the air conditioner. EcoRemote Plus comes preset at 21-30 for Cooling and 17-23 for heating but these settings are fully adjustable during set up.

Restricting the temperature range of an A/C significantly reduces air conditioning operating costs as well as general wear and tear and maintenance issues.

According to Government statistics, savings can be between 5-10% per degree C.

The EcoRemote Plus is compatible with 99.99% of air conditioning units worldwide and comes with 2000 preset codes for 15,000+ international brands & models of A/C’s.

We guarantee that it will be compatible with your existing remote control or we give you your money back*. This and other features make it a unique cost saving device that will quickly pay for itself.

Features include

Programmable minimum and maximum temperature ranges for both cooling and heating. Every degree saves up to 10% on running costs.

Programmable Placebo effect between 0 & 5 degrees. Separate Placebo Effect for Heating and Cooling.

1 minute pairing and set up. Includes A/C Model Auto Search Function.

Guaranteed compatible with money back guarantee*.

Features all normal remote control functions: including operating mode, temp selection, fan speed, air flow control and clock.

Unique instant heat & instant cool function.

Completely tamper-proof. Owner settings secured with access code locks.

Optional Factory ‘Set and Lock’ of temperature ranges and Placebo Effect for extra security.


Placebo Effect Explained

The user sees a displayed temperature which is up to 5 degrees more economic than the actual A/C setting.

For example: with an EcoRemote Plus programmed to display a 5 degree placebo effect for Cooling, and with the minimum temperature of the Cool range set to 23 degrees, a user will see the remote display scroll down to 18 degrees (with corresponding beeps from the A/C) while the EcoRemote Plus will actually tell the A/C to operate at no lower than 23 degrees.

The effect of this is to maintain economic comfort levels and facilitate very significant power savings without generating negative user feedback.

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