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    No need to cool air when there's
    No-One there


    No need to cool air when there's
    No-One there


    No need to cool air when there's
    No-One there


    No need to cool air when there's
    No-One there

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Just wanted to say big thanks to telephone staff for their advice & friendly service, very pleased with my Ecosense units

Phil Corby , Manchester

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  • Specifically designed to reduce running costs and save energy.
  • Universally compatible with all split A/C systems.
  • Reduced temperature setting options of between 18 - 27 °C.
  • Replaces existing A/C Remote.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Unique infrared learning technology.
  • Tamper proof.

Introductory offer when purchased with EcoSense 2000/4000/4000+ of £15.00 each, or prices from £23.00

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Product Description

EcoRemote has been specifically designed to reduce energy costs by lowering the workload of the A/C compressor. EcoRemote replaces the existing A/C remote controller and allows the property owner/manager to choose the temperature setting options available to the A/C user i.e. a holiday let occupant, rental tenant, employee, pupil, hotel guest etc.

Many users, on arrival, scroll down the temperature setting on the A/C remote to its lowest possible setting i.e. 16 – 17 degrees C, or its maximum setting of 30 degrees C. This will result in high energy running costs, and unnecessary strain on the equipment.

By reducing the minimum temperature setting option available to the user to around 21 degrees C or above in COOL mode for example, or 25 degrees C or below in HEAT mode, will prevent the occupant running the A/C at unnecessarily low or high settings, saving energy and wear and tear on the equipment. Meanwhile, the independent screen can display to the user a range of between 18 and 27°C.

How does an A/C remote controller work?

Before installing your EcoRemote it may assist you to first understand how your own remote controller works, before attempting to set up EcoRemote.

All A/C remote controllers have a number of setting options available for the user to choose from, such as Mode setting (heat, cool, dehumidify, fan only etc.) Fan speed setting, Temperature setting, Fan direction etc., etc.

Each one of these options is identified by an individual infrared signal code. Therefore when you switch the A/C on, you are transmitting all the different codes for all the different options currently set in the remote (and displayed in the LCD screen) at that same time. This is called a “combination” code.


How EcoRemote works

EcoRemote has the capacity to memorise and transmit a total of 40 different “combination” codes.

EcoRemote has a greatly reduced number of function option choices as shown below

  1. A choice of three different mode settings, COOL, HEAT, FAN ONLY
  2. A choice of reduced setting options with independant screen display of between 18 - 27°C
  3. A choice of three fan speed settings.

So, before commencing set up, decide which combination of the above settings you wish made available to the A/C user.

Also, if the A/C remote controller has a range of options regarding air flow direction i.e fixed or oscillating etc., choose a fixed setting, with the direction set to the mid position. This is the setting that will then be applied to all EcoRemote combination signals.

EcoRemote function & settings buttons

Switches A/C ON and OFF.

Press the left button to scroll the temperature down, press the right button to scroll the temperature up.

Each time you press the MODE button, the mode setting will move to the next setting in line. The options settings available are COOL, HEAT, FAN ONLY.

Each time you press the FAN button the fan speed setting will alter from LOW to MIDDLE to HIGH, then back to LOW again.

Use the SET button to place EcoRemote into LEARN mode. Press and hold the SET button for five seconds until LEARN is displayed in the bottom right corner of the screen. This will place EcoRemote in LEARN mode. If no buttons are pressed within two minutes EcoRemote will automatically exit from learn mode.

LEARN mode can only be accessed after using the SET button as described above. When in LEARN mode, press LEARN button once and a TRANSMIT symbol will show in the top right corner of the screen. This means Ecoremote is ready to copy a signal. When a signal has been successfully copied by EcoRemote, the TRANSMIT symbol disappears from the screen.

Whilst in LEARN mode, any signal (as displayed in the screen) can be cleared from the memory when the CLEAR button is pressed once. Again, while in LEARN mode, press and hold the CLEAR button for five seconds, this will clear all the signals contained in the EcoRemote memory.

Press SAVE button to save copied signals, and exit LEARN mode.

£15.00 each when an Eco 2000 or Eco 4000 is purchased
£25.00 each for 1-2 units
£23.00 each for 3 or more units


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EcoRemote Information Video

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